Because some many people have been, or are sick. And seem to be getting repeat visits from the lovely colds and flus that are going around I thought it would be helpful to share with you all the 26 things I do to clean and disinfect the house after one or both of us has been sick to stop the spread!

So once I’m back to normal and out of bed I’m normally itching to get cleaning. I think it’s physiological thing with me… almost scrubbing the sickness away !

1. So first up I’ll stick on a pair of rubber or disposable gloves, I pick up all the rubbish, tissues, magazines, newspapers – basically the paper goods and rubbish that I have been accumulating while I was ill. I also empty all of the bins, disinfect any with lids and put out the rubbish.

2. I then strip down the beds, wash and change them. Including the throws, dressing gowns and night wear I would have used while sick. I’ll use a laundry disinfectant in the wash as well.

3. All the towels, tea towels and wash clothes get washed and replaced with the laundry disinfectant too.

4. I open the windows and doors to air out the house.

5. I spray all the soft furnishings, pillows, couches, rugs etc with a disinfectant spray.

And a long list of areas and items will get wiped down with disinfectant wipes, these include:

6. My phone

7. iPad

8. Remote controls

9. Light Switches

10. Door Handles

11. Door Jams

12. The Fridge Door [ because it becomes my lean to ! ]

13. The Kettle

14. Thermometer

15. Heating Controls

16. Cooker handles etc

17. Toilet Handles

18. Front Door [ inside and out ! ]

19. Our post box

20. My keys

21. Faucets

22. Night side tables

23. Any reusable/ unfinished medicine bottles

24. The dog’s and cat’s bowls will get a good clean as well.

25. For those  of you with sick kids you’ll want to clean and disinfect their toys and play area too of course.

26. I give the floors a good hoovering { or should say James does ! ] and of course I wash the wooden flowers as well.

So what products do you I use to do all this ?

  1. Rubber/ Disposable Gloves
  2. Laundry Disinfectant
  3. Dettol Spray
  4. Anti Bac Spray
  5. Shake in Vac
  6. Disinfectant Wipes
  7. Flushable Wipes

Well guys I hope you find this useful. If there is something a little different or indeed extra that you do when you’re disinfecting your house after sickness please let me know in the comments below. And for those of you who still might be feeling under the weather of I hope you get well soon!

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