It’s been quite a while since I’ve written or created any content, it has been a forced break of sorts. Those of you who have read or watched my post/video on my goals for 2019 will know that my top goal for the year was to try and get pregnant again. To our shock and surprise, this happened quickly for us and by the end of January, we’d had success!

After the loss of our two beautiful daughters in 2017 and 2018, we were thrilled and scared. Some of you will know that pregnancy is not easy for me. It’s tough on my body and mentally difficult because of my history. It’s for these two reasons that I’ve basically fallen off the face of the content world since February. I had every hope and intention to continue with the other plans and goals that I had for the year, but as I talked about in my video I was fully prepared to sacrifice those goals for this pregnancy. This is both a scary and realistic scenario for me.

As I type this I’m 20 weeks pregnant, a little over half there for me. I’ve been sick, really sick and I pretty much have had every ‘healthy’ pregnancy symptom in the book. I spent the first 16 weeks almost solidly in bed; 1. due to fear and 2. because honestly I was too sick, tired and sore to do anything else. To our great surprise this pregnancy has gone well for us. What I mean by that is, that I am still pregnant. The operation I had in November is holding well and so far so good.

I’m really hoping to get back into my groove over the next few weeks, especially as I pass the gestation at which Sophia was born [ 23 weeks + 3 days] which of course is on my birthday! By the end of June, the baby will officially have reached viability. And while we hope and pray they will remain inside for many many more months that in of itself will be a major milestone for us.

So in a nutshell that’s it; my news and where I’ve been. I know a couple of you have emailed and left DMs on Instagram to see where and how I am; Thank you! To those I haven’t replied to; apologies; I have baby brain fog and honestly forget my own name some mornings. I’m hoping to slowly eek my way back to creating something; anything at this point and I hope you’ll all bear with me.

Thank you all!!

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