It’s the new year, [Happy New Decade everyone!] and for those of you who have waited around, I’m back! 2019 was some year for me as many of you know! You can find out just how amazing it was in my video below. It’s fair to say that I utterly smashed my 2019 goal and because of how I did so great last year, I’m adopting the very same method for this year.

How to plan and achieve a successful goal

If you struggle to achieve your goals any time you set them I suggest that first you read/watch this post to get an understanding as to how I set, plan out and achieve my goals. AND definitely don’t forget to watch my video below for the small tweak I’ve been making to my Annual goals to ensure a successful year. Trust me, combined these methods make ALL the difference and they are not hard, I promise!

I’ve talked before how I would set goals or resolutions every year and just magically expect them to happen/ be achieved. Come to the end of the year I’d be shocked when they were not… especially as I’d written them down in a fancy notebook to boot! The methods mentioned in the linked post above and my video below we really help you out if this resonates with you!

I am very excited for 2020

You’ll discover my good reasons in the video. As I do every year I will share with you my big plans… and goals for 2020. If you’d like to share yours with me, please do so in the comments below… especially if you’ve any great advice on how you achieve your goals!

2020 GOALS

The Big One

Get to and maintain a weight of 12 stone by December 18th, 2020

Create inspiring environments

  1. Create a vision board for the next 5 years by January 31st, 2020
  2. Revamp the en-suite by February 29th, 2020
  3. New Kitchen/Dining Room before moving back in after the pyrite remediation.
  4. Take and print more photos continuously throughout 2020
  5. Redesign and redecorate the sitting room before moving back in after the pyrite remediation.
  6. Get quotes for the garden [front and back] before the end of March 2020 [with a view to having the gardens redone by Summer 2021.
  7. KonMari the Attic & Shed before May 2020

Plan for the future

  1. Save at least €500 more every month for future plans continuously throughout 2020
  2. Save at least €200 more every month for annual bills continuously throughout 2020
  3. Combine James’ Pensions by March 2020
  4. Post 1 video a week on YouTube continuously throughout 2020
  5. Reach 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube by December 18th, 2020


  1. Be a more thoughtful person continuously throughout 2020
  2. Have 1 date night a month with James continuously throughout 2020
  3. Do Kegels every day for at least 3 minutes continuously throughout 2020

A few easy tips to get you started once your goals are set.

So that’s them, in black and white. Some, are super simple and once they’re done, they’re done. It doesn’t make them any less important but it is a good idea to have a few ‘quick wins’ on your goal list too… especially if goal achieving is something you struggle with. The ‘quick win’ will empower you to motor forward!

Another great tip is to print out, or write down your list of goals and place it, either in view or somewhere where you can access it regularly, like your planner or journal. [For me, out of sight = totally forgotten about so this tip/step is vital!]

Look at and read your full goal list regularly. Update your plans as they happen or need to happen. Even after you set the goal, plan the steps out and mark the completion date in your calendar you still need to take responsibility for the goals and steps! [This can be a tough one sometimes and often where I failed in the past!]

Because of this, I’m taking my method one step further [as those of you who have already watched my video will know]. With the big change in my life, I’ve less ‘free/me’ time than ever before, something I am finding difficult, so in order to still have a successful goal achieving year I’m planning out my year a little differently!

Themed Months will help me achieve my goals.

I talk about why I’m doing this in my video, essentially to achieve my goals successfully due to my new circumstances. I am still in the planning stages so these may move around a little in the coming weeks and as dates get more fixed for the remediation work that will be done on our house in late summer. But so as to inspire any of you who are looking to do similar, these are my themed months for 2020.

January Vision & Visuals
Vision Board
Design Boards for Rooms/ Spaces to be revamped
Collect supplies, photos, albums together for memory keeping projects
February Finances & Quotations
Combine Pensions
Set direct debits for savings accounts
Revisit weekly budgets
Revamps the ensuite bathroom
Get quotes for the various work I want and would like to get down before, during and after remediation.
March Memories & Check-In
Finish girl’s albums
Get up to date on Indiana’s Album
Finish our albums.
Revisit all Goals
Update plans as needed
Refocus my mind!
April Move Out Prep
Kon Mari Shed
Kon Mari Attic
May Renovations & Revamp
Book/ order any work that needs doing in advance
Finalize designs for rooms and projects
Find somewhere to live for 3 months!
June Pack & Prioritise Family  
Start to pack up for the big move!
Plan fun adventures to make loads of memories over the Summer
Revisit all Goals
Update plans as needed
Refocus my mind!
July Potentially Move Out
August Memory Keeping & Home Designs
Update all our albums  
Re-confirm all bookings & work jobs
September Potentially Move Home  & Memory Keeping
Marking Indiana James’ First Year & Birthday
October Check-In
Revisit all Goals
Update plans as needed
Refocus my mind for the end of the Year!
Indiana James’ Month
November Plans to finish off the year on a high/ Get anything important left done!  
December Christmas & Making Memories  

As you can see I’ve another full-on year ahead of me, a very different one this time around! Loads of great plans, and plenty of great methods and tips to help me achieve the most important things I want to get done so that by the end of 2020 I feel great, empowered and excited to start another great year in 2021!!

Which of the tweaks and methods I use are you going to introduce to your own goal achieving for 2020?

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