Its been a week since I made the mad decision to lose 19.5lbs in 5 weeks before my next birthday and to bring me to that weight target I set myself at the start of the year. The week has gone quicker than expected and largely I have had a super, very motivated, and on plan week. Last week I shared with you my meal plan for the week [which you can find here] and below I am going to share with you what I actually ate this week.

The wins this week…

I definitely smashed my drinking targets of about 2Ls of water a day, reducing my coffee to 3 cups a day [ A BIG CHALLENGE FOR ME], and 1 glass of diet coke a day! Keeping to my 6 syns a day was more of a challenge… this was mostly down to the lack of planning I did in advance of this challenge. Those of you following from the start, know I only decided to do this challenge the day before I started. I had already had a takeaway and done my grocery shopping and meal plan for the week. That said, I’ve had a total of 86 syns for the week [which includes that takeaway] and works out at an average of 12.3 syns per day, so still well within my weekly allowance but not as low as I’d hoped. This week [week 2] I have planned better and hope to keep more within the 6 syns per day [and 1 day of 10 syns] I had set myself. I have gone for a walk every day, bar one, when the weather was awful and I was not inclined to leave the house, and according to my fitness watch I am easily doing 10,000 steps and more a day.

What I actually ate this week…

BreakfastLunchDinnerSnackTotal Syns
TuesdayEggs, Bacon,& MangoTuna Melt & Chopped PearsTake Away
[20 Syns]
TimeOut x2
[12 Syns]
32 Syns
WednesdayMango, Pears, 1/2 Slice of Toast
[1.5 syns]
Tuna Melt & Chopped PearsToulouse Leak Sausages with Egg Hash [10 syns]Fibre One Triple Chocolate Cake Bar [4 syns – I shared with my hubby]15.5 syns
Thursday Mango, Strawberries, 1/2 Slice of Toast [1.5 syns]Grilled Cheese & Chopped Pears Lamb Tabbouleh
[1 syn]
[6 syns]
8.5 Syns
Friday Scrambled Eggs, Mushrooms, StrawberriesCrustless Quiche & SaladReduced Fat Burgers [with fake whopper sauce], Wedges and Salad
[2 syns]
Time Out
[6 syns]
8 syns
SaturdayEggs, Bacon, Mushrooms, Strawberries, 1/2 Slice of ToastPasta, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and onionsPork Noddle Stir Fry
[2 Syns]
Cake Bar [4 syns]
TimeOut [6 syns]
12 syns
Sunday Toast, Bacon, Egg, Beans, Mushrooms, Spring Onions, MangoPasta, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and onions, Chopped Pears and Cucumber Steak, Mushrooms, Onion, Prawns, Asparagus, Salad Halo Ice Cream
[4 syns]
4 syns
Monday French Toast & Strawberries Pastata with Tomato & Cucumber SaladBeef Strogonoff with Green Beans and Cauliflower Rice TimeOut [6 Syns]6 syns

Week 1 – the weight loss

This morning I weighed in at 13 st 3.6 lbs and for those keeping watch that’s a 2lb total for this week. Half of what I hoped to achieve. I am a little disappointed if I’m honest. A loss is still a loss and its marginally above what my recent weekly average has been so that’s also a positive.

Where do I think I went ‘wrong’?

Well given that I’d eaten a take away the night before I decided to do this I was already 1.5lbs up for the week starting out. I don’t regret the take away. I ate it knowing there would be consequences. But I also ate it before I’d really committed to this weight loss challenge and probably wouldn’t have if, I’d made the decision to do this 12 hours earlier. That and I think I’m retaining some of all the extra water I’ve been drinking. On Monday, after being thrilled with me weekend efforts I weighed myself, and was a whole 4lbs heavier than I’d been the day before!!! I was shocked, stunned, and really upset.

Between Monday morning and Tuesday morning [weigh day] I went from 13st 8lbs to 13st 3.5lbs; so I supposed technically I did lose 4.5lbs in the week, just not how I hoped!

Even though I am a little deflated I’m hoping that the good foundation I laid this week will stand to me in week 2 and while during my remaining 4 weeks I need to loose almost 4.5lbs a week I’m not deterred! On wards!

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