Ok folks, I’m going hell for leather for week 2. Week 1 didn’t give the results I hoped for and my challenge has gotten a little more challenging with a new required weight loss of 4.5lbs a week… which is ambitious!

This week I’m sticking to the overall plan I set out. This actually wasn’t the issue last week. The issue was things and plans [or lack thereof] I made/ did before I was really committed to this challenge. This week, I’m going to be stricter about what goes in my mouth [I’ll pause for a moment for all the dirty minded among you]. I’m so determined. I love the change in my body. Fitting into things that I’ve never worn. Having to get rid of clothes that I’ve over-worn because they simply fall off me.

Week 2’s Meal Plan

Days of the weekBreakfastLunchDinnerSnack
Tuesday Eggs, Bacon, Strawberries & PearsLeftover Beef Strogonoff over salad with Cheesy Garlic Bagel Halloumi Cheese Burgers with Chunky Wedges and SaladMuller Light
Wednesday Fruit Medley Tuna Melt & Pears Crispy Lemon GnoochiMuller Light
Thursday Eggs, Bacon, Fruit Pasta & Salad Turkey Farro Bowl TimeOut
Friday Fritta & Spices Pasta & Salad Touslouse Leek Sausage & Egg HashMuller Light over Fruit
SaturdayEggs, Bacon, Fruit Grilled Cheese & Pears Turkey Meatballs, Green Beans & SaladHalo Ice Cream, Fruit, Twirl Top
SundaySW Fry LeftoversSteak, Prawns, Salad, Mushrooms, OnionsHalo Ice Cream, Fruit, Twirl Top
MondayFrench Toast & Fruit Pasta & Salad Beef Strogonoff, Green Beans, Broccoli Rice TimeOut

Feeling really positive about this coming week looking over this meal plan. I put in a good foundation in week 1, even if I didn’t get the results I was hoping for. And while I am deflated a little starting into week 2 I am still motivated and determined. The one thing I’ve learned over the past 3 years of doing slimming world [when not pregnant/ just post partum] is that all your hard work does pay off, even if it doesn’t materilise in the week you’d hope it would.

Wishing my future and present self positive thoughts and actions for the upcoming week!

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