Lads I’m in a mood. A bad mood. I’m upset, cranky, and frustrated. I had a great week. I ate very well. I kept the treats and syns to a minimum and was really pleased with myself. I really felt I was on track for a decent weight loss, the scales even seemed to be going in my favour. And then I woke up this morning and weighed myself. It all went downhill from here and I can tell you on one or two occasions this morning I’ve really felt like throwing in the towel! Of course, that would totally defeat the purpose of my weight loss [not just the challenge] entirely.

Where did I go wrong?

You’ll all know from my meal plan last week that I’d made a great plan and I largely stuck to it. Actually, in some places, I made better choices; more SP meals, etc in order to ensure a better weight loss. But honestly, the scales are telling a story I feel my diet is not showing. Here is what I actually ate this week. Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?

TuesdayEggs, Bacon, Pear & StrawberriesBeef Strogonoff SaladHalloumi Cheese Burger with Wedges & Salad [10 syns]Muller Light with Mango [1 syn]11 syns
Wednesday Pear, Mango and Strawberries with greek yoghurt [1.5syns]Pasta Salad with Tomato & CucumberTurkey Farro Time Out [6 syns]7.5 syns
ThursdayPear, Mango and StrawberriesTuna Melt Bagel with Pears [1syn] Crispy Lemon Gnocchi with Salad and Sugar Snaps [7syns]Time Out [6 syns]14 syns
Friday Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, and PearsPasta, Mushrooms, Tomato and Cucumber SaladBurger, Wedges and Salad with whopper sauce [2 syns] Halo Ice cream, mango. 1/3 twirl [6 syns]8 syns
Saturday Eggs, Bacon and Mango Grilled Cheese with Pears [1 syn]Turkey Meatballs, Green Beans and SaladYoghurt x2 [3 syns]
Cake Bar [4 syns]
8 syns
SundaySW Fry with PearsLeftover Turkery Meatball Salad, Yoghurt [1.5 syns]Steak, Prawns, broccoli, green beans and mushrooms with saladyoghurt [1.5 syns]3 syns
MondayEggs, Bacon, Pear, 1 slice of toast Chickpea Salad with onions, pears and tomato and 1/2 bagel garlic
Yoghurt [1.5 syns]
Beef Strogonoff with broccoli rice Watermelon and a couple of chocolate peanuts [0.5syns]2 syns

I averaged 7.5 syns a day… a little more than my 6 syns per day goal, but much better than my 12.5 syns average from the week before. I had 15 SP meals of the total 21 meals I ate. I loaded up on speed and made good snack choices [syn wise]. Honestly and still, again, the results should have been better – I feel.

But first, week 2 wins!

I got a nice surprise in my Slimming World Zoom Class this week. I achieved Slimmer of the Month – the person to loose the most in the month of May in my SW Zoom group. It was a lovely boost and much needed because you’ll all remember how deflated I was feeling at the start of the second week of this challenge!

Second, I discovered an Iced Coffee recipe that’s changed my life. Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that I am powered by coffee. Ireland is currently experiencing an unseasonable warm spell of weather! [I’m currently writing this post in my garden, wearing factor 50 and under a gazebo.] Drinking hot coffee, although necessary, has been a little unpleasant when I really want something [caffeinated] and ice cold. [Remember, I’ve switched to caffeine-free diet coke!] A quick google search for ‘Iced Coffee using Instant Coffee’ [because who has the patience for all that cold brew faff] lead me to a fabulous recipe! [Only a couple of tweaks to make it Slimming World Friendly and synless] I am now, caffeinated, cool and alert… the best way to have me!

Week 2 – the weight loss

Another 2lbs off… which is great and still in the right direction…. but yeah, disappointed. That’s 2lbs off each week and I feel I was even better this week than last! You’ll know from last week’s result that I needed to lose 4.5lbs to stay on track for my challenge. I knew that was super ambitious, the whole challenge is, but I’d really hoped to get 3lbs off this week. This would have brought me to a total of 3 stone [42 lbs] since January 8th. All weekend it really looked like [read: the scales indicated] that I would make it to 13 st 0.5lbs to achieve this, but alas this morning they conspired against me. Next week, hopefully!

There are three weeks left in my challenge/ until my birthday. The weekly weight loss to achieve the challenge is now up at 5.2lbs per week. Given I’ve lost a total of 4lbs in the 2 weeks I’ve been doing this challenge I think it extremely unlikely I will reach my goal. That’s a tough cookie to swallow [especially as I’ve not had a cookie since December]. I am not going to give up, despite the temptation. And believe me, there has been some! James has offered a take away to console me… and honestly, I want to eat it, but that’s the old me; comforting myself with food. I’m still going to have something delicious for dinner, but it will be healthy and not have the 20-30syns I would ‘spend’ on a takeaway.

Were to next with my weight loss challenge?

I think we can all agree that I’m unlikely to lose 15.5 lbs in the next 3 weeks by June 24th. BUT I will lose something! A likely prediction at 2lbs a week is a 6lbs – that would be a total of 10lbs over the 5 challenge weeks. Half my goal challenge; a weight loss not to be sniffed at, even if it’s not the goal.

The new weight loss challenge is to lose as much as I can in the remaining 3 weeks.

Ultimately I started 2020 with the goal of losing 4st 0.5lbs and weighing 12st by December 24th. I’m 15.5 lbs away from this goal and potentially could reach it within the next 3 months so that overall annual goal is still in sight.

I should probably mention, that while 12st is still a goal, its no longer the end goal. In consultation with my consultant and the fact that I will technically still be considered overweight at 12st I will be loosing more. But still get the first challenge out of the way first!

So for now, I am hunkering down. Trying to get over the disappointed that my original goal will not be achieved and now becoming invested in the new goal. Up next, my meal plan for week 3.

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