I am trying to stay positive, but honestly this week I’m not feeling it. I am not going to give up. But I definitely don’t have the motivation I’ve had over the past 3 weeks. On the other hand, I am VERY excited to be [hopefully] entering a new stone range… the 12 stone range… my original target. So I am fitting the hormones and trying to motivate myself to make sure I do see that 12 st range flash and stay on the scales in the next week.

I’ve mentioned before that we use a meal delivery service that sends over 3 dinners a week. I’ve decided this will be the last week I use this for a while. I’m going to pause the service. We love it, and the food is delicious but it’s an unknown viable each week in my syn planning. While I know what we’re having a week in advance, I don’t actually have the recipe/ ingredient list until they arrive, so for those 3 days, there is always a little bit of extra planning or altering of a recipe to limit the syn damage [especially during this weight loss challenge]. More on that next week in week 5’s plan.

This week I plan to eat

BreakfastLunchDinner Snack
TuesdayScrambled Eggs, Bacon & FruitCheese & Ham Toastie with StrawberriesCrispy Chicken Djonnaise w/ Baby PotatoesTimeOut
WednesdayFrench Toast & Strawberries Chicken Wings & SaladPersian Aromatic Lamb Meatballs w/ rice & sugar snapsTimeOut
Thursday Fruit Medley Prawn Salad with Garlic BitesItalian Pork PastaYoghurt & Fruit
FridayEggs, Toast & Fruit Stuffed Peppers w/ saladsBurgers, Chips w/ fake whopper sauceTimeOut
SaturdayEggs, Bacon, FruitBeans on ToastSteak, Prawns, Mushrooms, Green Beans & Salad TimeOut
SundaySW Fry Stir Fry Noodles Mums?TimeOut
MondayFruit Medley Stuffed PeppersSW Chicken Carbonara TimeOut

I’ve added in a Tuesday, as, if you read my results for week 3 you’ll know that weigh day has now changed from Tuesday to Wednesdays. [A Slimming World change, not me]. I’ll add the meals for that extra Tuesday in the coming days, as this was only changed today, and I prep on a Sunday for my meal plans.

This week I’ve added in a few ‘new’ meals… trying to deviate from ‘safe’ options I’ve stuck with over recent weeks. Honestly, I’m just hoping to get the week over and be down. As I said, I’m really not motivated this week at all. Fingers crossed it goes well!

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