Well lads and lassies, this week I really changed things up! Last week I said I was going to make one big change, not to weigh myself daily. While I did have a few sneaky weigh-ins [twice], overall I waited until this morning. I noticed a BIG change with this approach, which I’ll share with you further down.

I [inadvertedly] made another BIG change to this week that had both good and [not] good results: I did not write down what I ate every day. Normally a large part of this post is about what I actually ate, versus what I planned to eat and specifically the amount of SP meals/days and syns I consumed. Not writing everything down every day wasn’t a conscious decision [initially]. I was incredibly busy at the end of last week and didn’t get to it every meal/ day and then I decided to just ‘give myself the week off’ and see how I did. The results are not bad.

This week felt like I wasn’t on a diet.

I started this year knowing I wanted to loose an big amount of weight [initially 4 stone] this year. I knew I was going to have to make serious changes and some sacrifices to make that happen. I’ve since increased that 4 stone weight loss goal to 6 stone… to bring me into a healthier weight range for my height. I am still hoping to achieve this by the end of 2020. I’m currently over half way to that 6 stone weight loss for the year.

This week I didn’t focus on the scales or ‘trying to loose’ weight. I ate well, had some treats and exercised. I realise [not just this week, but for a while] this is how my week should always look. Sure there might be weeks I over overindulge in the treats; birthdays, holidays, Christmas etc; but on a whole, each week I should eat well, have some treats and exercise. This is what is going to keep the weight down and off! This isn’t a break through realisation or discovery. It’s a very simple one and one that’s hammered into us, repeatedly. But honestly, I don’t think it sinks in, not until you’re really on a weight loss journey; at least that’s been the case for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, my focus is losing weight… always; right now. BUT lately, over the previous few weeks, I’ve really pushed and struggled my way through trying to lose [A LOT] of weight. It hasn’t worked like I thought, as in, I didn’t achieve the weight loss I challenged myself to. But what I did achieve was some important realisations and some major milestones!

The major milestones I’ve reached in recent weeks:

These are in no practical order, and not even in the order they’ve been achieved. They are big non-scale related milestones; some, for the first time in my life and other things I haven’t been able to do or see in almost 20 years!

  • My thighs no longer touch the side of the bath!
  • My Manolo Blahnicks fit again!!!
  • I have finally found the best fit of underwear for me!
  • I am down into the 12 stone range!!
  • I am officially lighter than my husband; for the first time EVER!
  • I can comfortably sit with my legs crossed!
  • My belly is NOWHERE near the stirring wheel!
  • I just LOVE to look at my profile in a mirror, window, reflection of any kind.
  • I can hug my husband so much closer!
  • My breasts don’t sag as much.
  • I now want to be in EVERY photo!
  • My blood pressure is almost perfect; I have had high blood pressure for over 13 years!
  • My BMI is below 30! I am officially no longer obese!
  • A dress I bought 6 years ago, that wouldn’t even go up over my thighs is now too big for me!

Honestly, this list is as important [to me] as seeing the numbers on the scales decrease each week. These are things I’ve wanted, hoped and longed for… they are the secret successes that we all think and dream about when we’re at our worst. I’m making a list of them for myself, but also for others; THESE COULD BE YOUR GOALS. For my me, my end goal is a weight amount: to be 10 stone. For you, it might be to regulate your blood pressure, to fit into a favourite pair of shoes, or to loose the double or triple chins. Whatever the goal is, determination and focus can achieve it!

Lets talk weight ins…

I set myself the change last week not to weigh myself daily. I’ve said before that Slimming World recommends you only weigh yourself once a week, at the same time, same place; i.e. at your group meeting. Me, well I didn’t follow this advice and I weighed myself daily; to keep myself on track. Honestly though, while this worked if the scales were down every morning, when it was up, even a little, I was upset, annoyed and my mood was derailed. Weight fluctuates; all. the. time. This week, like I mentioned felt like I wasn’t on a diet, largely because I didn’t give it the constant focus. I have felt better in myself and in my mood because I wasn’t weighing myself daily. Now, I’m not going to say that I will never again weigh myself mid-week, but I will not give it the focus I was. This is a marathon, not a sprint… this is also a life change. I need to learn to live with it as best I can.

Week 4 – the weight loss

I’m sure given all my talk about his week that you’re all wondering how much I actually lost? Drum roll please…

That’s 1.5 lbs off this week! I am back to the weekly average before the challenge started and do you know what, I’m good with that. In fact, it’s perfect! There are 28 weeks left in the year. To get to my 10 stone goal by then end of the year I need to lose another 39.5 lbs. If I continue to lose 1.5 lbs a week over the next 28 weeks that gives me a total 42 lbs off… or a slightly early finish!

This week…

This is officially the last week of the 5-week challenge… which means my birthday is in 1 week’s time! Eek!! Here are my thoughts… I am of course continuing to do what I’m doing… BUT I know on my birthday [read: birthday week] I am gonna want to have some BIG treats; donuts, cocktails, some delish beef & lobster BBQ – these are going to push me over… I know!! To prepare for this I’m gonna do something new and different for me. MAJOR EXERCISE.

My hubby manages to eat and drink what he likes every week. He mostly maintains his weight [despite A LOT of extra calories] by doing a few big sessions of VR [Virtual Reality] Exercise sessions. He’s been at me to try it out for ages. Over the next 2 weeks I am gonna give it a whirl, in the hopes it will allow me eat & drink ALL the extras and minimize the damage. Fingers crossed this helps.

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