It’s crazy to think that I am entering the final week of this weight loss challenge. It is my birthday in just a few short days! This challenge has not gone the way I thought it would. Clearly I have not lost near the 19.5 lbs I challenged myself. I will however have lost about half this which is still excellent. The challenge has not been in vain though, it has taught me many good and bad things about myself and my weight loss. Those of you who have read each week will know what these things are. Right now, as I enter the final week of the challenge [but not the final week of my weight loss endeavors] I can honestly say I am very happy!

Losing this weight is something I have wanted to do for almost 20 years. I’ve really wanted to lose it since I first ballooned in my early 20’s. I’m now delighted that I’m finally getting there. Its been a struggle, and perhaps, like having babies, it wouldn’t have been as successful any other time. That, I’ll never know for sure.

What I plan to eat during week 5 of the weight loss challenge!

BreakfastLunchDinner Snack
TuesdayFruit Medley with YoghutTurkey Bagel with Salad and PearsStuff Turkey Meatball on Bulgar WheatTimeOut
Cake Bar
Wednesday Eggs on ToastBBQ Chicken Wings & SaladSausage Casserole on Thyme Mash TimeOut
Burger Bites
Thursday French Toast & Strawberries Stuffed PeppersChicken Florentine TimeOut
Skinny Crunch
Friday Eggs, Bacon & FruitPasta w/ Tomato & Cucumber SaladBurgers & Chips w/ salad & fake whopper SauceTimeOut
SaturdayBLTSweet Potato & Carrot Hash w/ eggs & veggie sausage balls Steak, Prawns, Green Beans & SaladTimeOut
SundaySW Fry Going to Mums for Lunch/Dinner TimeOut
MondayFruit Medley with YoghurtPrawn SaladChicken Shawarma w/ red pepper houmous TimeOut

I feel good about this week. I’ve adjusted my hopes and I’m hoping to stick with what has become my weekly average of 1.5 lbs. I’m well in there 12 st range now and I feel fantastic and I don’t look bad either 🙂

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