I meant to write a post before the #LITECHANGE project began, to tell you why; what my hopes where and what I expected and I suppose in a way my introduction page on this site covers that. I’m now 7 days in and it has been a whirlwind! For me, it has been a bit of a learning curve too. I have these lofty expectations of having a positive impact on the world and encouraging others to as well. Let me tell you, it’s not easy stepping outside your comfort zone and inspiring others to do the same! Hats off to those who have done and do this every day! But I am doing it every day, little by little.

I’m realising that starting small is kinda key, especially when you’re trying to get others on board. I’m also beginning to notice that ‘changing’ your own space/home/mind is nearly a vital starting point before looking to your community and the wider world. Especially for people who are new to the idea of doing things daily [outside their norm]. There is a saying ‘Charity begins at home’ perhaps there is also one that says ‘change begins at home’ too? I don’t know, but there is definitely something in that. For me, the reason I am noticing how more impactful the changes at ‘home/ in me’ are to the larger project is that I feel my mind is freer, less cluttered, and more able to look outside myself and make a difference. Does that make sense?

Sharing the #LITECHANGE project online daily has definitely given me and it drive. I will say, it has been a task each morning to select a prompt for that day and share it. I had planned to be a little more prepared and even though I do have 30 prompts already listed on a google spreadsheet only a few key ones are assigned specific days. I think, if I expand this project beyond July [into the larger project I hope it might become] I will spend more time on preparing the daily prompts in advance, and some are definitely ‘rinse and repeat’ daily prompts… things you need and should do regularly in order to make the difference they can achieve.

The big joy in the #LITECHANGE project is not only the changes I see myself making and achieving but also the effect it’s having on others. I love it when people share with me what they did that day with the daily prompt. Not everyone is participating every day, and that’s ok, the fact that anyone is at all is just wonderful! I’ve also noticed a big difference in how people act toward me, not just those who know me, but those in my wider communities on and offline. This has been a nice surprising benefit! [Not that any one of these people where ever unkind or bad towards me, but its almost like they feel I am more approachable or they are a solid reason to ‘come up’ and chat with me.]

It’s only been 7 days and already the #LITECHANGE project has thought me more than I expect and I do think the small, simple changes are having a positive effect on me, my community and in a small way the wider world. It’s like with my 5-week weight loss challenge from May/June – you go in thinking the outcome to be one thing and it becomes something else entirely! I’m excited and interested to see how this goes.

Have you participated in any of the daily #LITECHANGE prompts I’ve been sharing? If so, what have you noticed? Has it been the positive and encouraging experience I am having?

P.s. if you’re interested in following along in the daily prompts for July and seeing how and what I am actually doing with them be sure you’re following me on Instagram where I share it all daily in my stories.

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