Yes, I know what you’re thinking; she’s really on a challenge kick here lately and that is true. But this one was too good to pass up. This challenge is not one I’ve personally created, not like my Weight Loss Challenge or #LITECHANGE Challenge. The #CLUTTERFREEIN5 is the brainchild of my good friend Laura over on


Briefly its a 1 month challenge to spend 5 minutes every day decluttering specific aspects of your life and home. Laura has created a fabluous workbook to get your motivated, keep you on track and for you to record your progress. She will be uploading a daily video on what and how to tackle that days prompt and there is also a fabulous Facebook group for participating people to support and encourage each other and where Laura can give specific help and guidance.

I’m making a daily video on my de-cluttering.

Today was Day 1, the focus my vision and time capsule of the current situation… I’d mixed feelings about this starting point but watch today’s video and see how I got on and what I thought in the end…

What I wrote in the workbook

And for those interested in what I wrote in the workbook to set my vision and determine what this means to me I’ve taken a few snapshots of my scribbles.

Day 1 did not go the way I thought as those of you who will have watched my video above will know. That is something I’ve found in the recent challenges I’ve undertaken. They surprise you in ways you never thought possible. That is probably why I like them so much!

I am excited for this next month. At the very least 5 minutes a day is a great way to effect positive change in your life.

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