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When I saw this was the first actual area to be decluttered I knew I wouldn’t have much to do. My nightstand, as you’ll see in the before photo below is pretty standard and relatively clean, tidy and organised. What I was excited to do was to ‘streamline’ it a little and remove the items that I didn’t need and add in one or two that made more sense to have there now.

Watch my video to see my process

The Before AND The After

I’ll completely acknowledge this is not a dramatic reveal. There were no major items to be decluttered but it was great to give pause and thought to this high value area and to make sure it had everything I need. Moving my journal here was something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. It would have taken me less than 30 seconds to do but over the past few months it didn’t happen. As a result I haven’t written regularly in my journal and I know I will now have to reintroduce this habit.

Sometimes decluttering its about the dramatic. Sometimes the subtle is just as important. Small tweaks can make a big difference to your life and today that’s what #ClutterFreeIn5 was about for me.

What area are you currently decluttering in your life?

See you all tomorrow!

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