Is it weird to say I’m anal about underwear organisation? Well if it is, I am weird, well weirder than perhaps I thought; and I suppose that is saying something also. Again this area for me was one I knew in advice wouldn’t be a big decluttering session. I keep mine well organised and tidy as evidenced by the photo and video and also due to my continued weight loss and recent ‘departure’ from 3 years of pregnancies I am down to the bare minimum of what fits is fit for purpose.

It’s taken me almost 40 years to realise my preferred knicker [or briefs for the more delicate among you]. I am a brief girl [not that I’m delicate that just the style and fit of underwear I prefer from a comfort point of view and also a silhouette perspective. What is your preferred knicker type? If you don’t know or have never bothered to check I recommend you do so immediately – its life-changing.

Today’s video has 2 demos!

I realised that again I’m sharing a video with no real dramatic decluttered at all… I promise, they will come, but I am following this challenge in the order set by its creator, Laura from How To GYST and so I will continue as she designed the challenge… my juicer decluttering just hasn’t happened yet. To give you all a little extra I show you how I fold my knickers and socks to get the uber tidy look that you’ll see in the video. Takes seconds to do but means you can see everything and it looks fabulous! Check it out for yourself below!

Decluttering doesn’t have to be dramatic.

What I’ve realised in the brief three days of this challenge already is that decluttering doesn’t have to be dramatic to make a difference. My home is not a hoarders show and while there are areas that need more work than others I do continually make an effort all the time to keep it clutter-free and organised. That said, it doesn’t mean there is no benefit in the small simple changes. You also have to bear in mind that your ability to achieve anything mammoth in 5 minutes is immediately doomed but you can make small, positive changes that will snowball. Even if you have mammoth mountains to move and declutter in your home, start small – it’s less overwhelming. Or, like me, if your home is pretty ok, but could just use some freshening up, benefit from them today, join the #ClutterFreein5 Challenge before it does become a mammoth task!

Until tomorrow share with me below what you’re currently working on!

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