I am not a book worm but I do enjoy a good book. Especially if its a Cookbook! Five years ago, during my big Kon Mari declutter I donated a HUGE amount of books. I largely moved to a kindle and kept just a few sentimental books, my own books, and an average amount [I keep telling myself] of Cookbooks. I am not expecting a huge declutter in the reading material category either… then again what major declutter can really be achieved in 5 minutes [I fear I am beginning to sound like a broken record]. What I am realising this challenge is about, for me, is not necessarily a huge dramatic before and after. I don’t expect to say to you on any given challenge day that I have 14 black sacs of ‘x’ in the car for the dump or charity shop. But what this challenge is becoming for me is [re]familiarizing myself with what I own and have. Do the things I share my space with still hold that importance that put them there in the first place and do I want the hassle of packing and unpacking them twice in the next few months? Those that don’t are going!

I’m odd, I store my books back to front…

Watch my video to see my odd way of storing books in my office.

The declutter pile that surprised me and the special ‘pay it forward’ book I had forgotten I had.

And do you think I have too many Cookbooks – can that even be a thing?

Are you #ClutterFreeIn5 too?

Are you participating in the challenge? If so what nuggets are you discovering about yourself and your stuff as you go through the process? I realised not everyone in the accompanying Facebook group is following the challenge verbatim – some have already tackled the areas and are moving forward or selecting their own hot spots. And that’s all gravy [as they say]. Me, I like the simplicity of having the days mapped out for me. I also love the accompanying video that Laura posts each day that gives me a new perspective on how to tackle the daily challenge. I also like to see the experiment side of things… is the way the challenger, in this case, Laura, the best way for this type of challenge, does it work for me etc?

AS many of you know I’ve set and participated in a few challenges myself this year and they haven’t always gone to plan. Right now its nice to be lead through one. Its like the lazy way of accomplishing great results in my book.

So how are you doing? Are you still motivated and interested to see what your clutter-free home and life will look like in about 26 days? Let me know in the comments below your thoughts!

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