From the start, I’m just gonna put it out there that this was a #ClutterFreeIn5 I knew I was gonna kick ass at. Paper used to be my demon. Our house was literally wallowing in paper clutter at one time, but 5 years ago I eliminated that beast. It took time, effort, there were tears, paper cuts and I went through several shedders but I got the job done. Now, now our paper clutter is minimum because it was one of the top things I keep on top of.

This one really was a #ClutterFreeIn5 for me ….

In my video you will see the minimum amount of paper clutter that is in my house and the very easy to keep filing system that we use to keep on top of things. My big aims for all the organisational systems in our house is that they are easy to use and look good. Our paper filing system is both these. Check it out below.

If you’re interested in purchasing those lovely clear folders I use so that you too can have a super easy, stylish filing system you can do so by clicking below. This is an affiliate link, which carries no extra cost to you but I will earn a small commission if you chose to purchase through using it.

What is the paper situation like in your house?

I know from past experience that it is easy to get buried in useless papers and documents that we all keep ‘just in case’ but honestly in the 5 years since doing my massive declutter I once needed a manual for an old tumble dryer I had; a quick google search online reveal a free downloadable copy. Other than that I haven’t needed to refer to anything that was binned or shredded. Free yourself from the paper pile… go on, you know you want to!

See you all tomorrow!

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