I feel a little smug today. I’m one of those people who does not have a giant collection of unidentified cables in a box that multiplies each year. I did, until about 6 months ago when I took the massive box they lived into the recycling centre. I didn’t even look in the box. I didn’t allow a soul to say ‘ oh but you’ll definitely need at least 16 of those ‘just in case’. The whole lot left the house, never to return and in the 6 months since then, I have never once missed or needed anything from that box. So if you have a large box of ‘just in case’ get rid, today!

Now, while I feel smug about my lack of thousands of unnecessary cables I know we do have unnecessary cables, gadgets and gizmos… I’m just not entirely sure where they are or what they do. That is where my second glamourous assistant of the week comes in… my darling husband James. He is going to come around a few gadget hot-spots in our house with me to identify what can meet the same fate as the massive box of useless cables!

Meet my second glamourous assistant in today’s video…

Because of how crazy life was for us today this decluttering session was super quick [ I would say possibly less than 5 minutes] but also surprisingly satisfying! We only got to it after 8 pm, once Indiana James was asleep and after a mad dash to IKEA to look at kitchens, bathroom units and wardrobes because today we officially got our move out date for our pyrite remediation … so the decluttering is REALLY ON! But because this was such a quick declutter and happened at the end of the day, its hammered home for me [well us] the benefit and the beauty of the clutter-free in 5 challenge. You really can achieve great results in short bursts of time, even at the end of a super busy week!

Until tomorrow!

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