I am getting a new kitchen. Its not the dream kitchen, but its definitely the dream kitchen for this house and budget. It is going to be amazing! The space, the layout, the appliances – I dream about kitchens right now I’ve been so consumed by the planning, designing and choices. Because of this I am acutely aware of the contents of my current kitchen that I hate and despise. Strong feelings towards pots, pans and utensils I know; but this is what I have become.

With this in mind you might be thinking that I am about to declutter about 90% of my kitchen… you might now be wrong! you’ll have to watch today’s video to see how I strategically decluttering my kitchen so that I will have room for a whole boat load of fabulous new kitchen things but also have the use of the current usable things I own. Its super easy and may involve a list 🙂

What Kitchen Stuff did I declutter…

I can’t wait to share the completed kitchen with you all. Its been years dreaming about it, months researching it and what feels like decades working with a designer on it. All going well I could have it in and be cooking up a storm by Christmas… EEK!


In the time its taken me to edit the above video and write this post I have delcuttered more! Those blue plates I mention in the video – GONE! Some of those extra utensils by the hob – ALSO GONE! And there was a black wok lurking at the back of a press that didn’t even make it to camera – ALSO GONE! Along with a salt and pepper shaker that was on camera and is ALWAYS in my way that I didn’t ‘actually see’ when I was looking I have become so blind to it! Sometimes in my haste to get the clips filmed quickly I move to fast

Speak to you all tomorrow!

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