I dream of the day I have one of those Pinterest worthy walk in Pantrys. One with the matching Oxo Containers, each labeld and filled with delicious nutritious food. For now I have several presses and an area I have dubbed the pantry that don’t have quite the same asthetic but that do the job none the less.

Long time readers will know that I am a big advocate of meal planning. Its the only way we’ve found that cuts down on the dreaded ‘what will we have for [insert the meal here] debacle each night, helps us stay on budget, eliminates unnecessary take aways and best of all means we have minimal/ no food wastage. In short its saved our marriage. Because of this I don’t anticipate a huge haul of food to be decluttered and as I am pretty happy with the current way things are stored [until the new Kitchen is in #winkwink] I really wanna see, how much, if anything is going to be decluttered. For all the above reasons I will be focusing on out of date food.

How much out of date food was in my presses?

Surprise, surprise

Well now, even I am a little surprised as to how much there was lerking in the various presses. Even though I do my best to regularly check there have definitely been a few items to fall through the cracks in recent months. I am glad they are now out! How much do you think you’d find in your presses or pantry right now?

Until tomorrow!

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