If you’re following Laura’s challenge through her channel as well as mine you will know that Day 9 of the #clutterfreein5 challenge is to focus on your dining room table. Now, about 5 years ago I converted my dining room table from the cluttered zone it was to a lovely oasis of calm and functionality. In other words, ours is always free of clutter and used as a dining room table. This next-level piece of ‘adulting’ was achieved by introducing/ making one change into our lives and home. You’re going to have to watch today’s video to find out what this game-changer was!

If you want an ALWAYS clutter free dining room table – watch this video…

Over 100 items decluttered from my home already!

We’re 9 days in and I’ve already managed to declutter a colossal amount of things from the house. It’s amazing to me that it is actually this amount already. If you watch back over the videos from earlier days you’ll see that in the beginning some of the piles were super small, in fact, I was a little disappointed by them. But the beauty of this challenge is the power in the short burst of 5 minutes [ so you’re not overwhelmed] and the collective momentum that the whole month brings! It really is genius when you think about it.

I’m not sure what tomorrow’s area is because I haven’t looked ahead yet, regardless thought I am excited and can’t wait to get decluttering it!

See you all tomorrow!

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