I am very excited to share this one with you. As soon as I saw it I had a goal and a plan. There are three junk drawers in my house. One in the kitchen and two the office. A few weeks back I was watching a video by Cassie from Clutter Bug, in it she shows had she created a charging station in a drawer in her house. I have wanted one since I saw that video. We have endless items that need charging with a million cables that get plugged in everywhere and anywhere. The hanging cables drive me INSANE.

My goal for today is to come away with one clear drawer so that I can create a charging station drawer in my home.

The goal, the plan and the result….

If you’re curious to see if I actually achieved my goal and what the hell my plan of a drawer charging station is and would look like you’ll have to watch the below video.

The rolling effects of these 5 minute declutters.

You’ll see in the video that due to an earlier declutter I was able to make another bonus area in my house clutter free and more productive. I just love this knock on effect that each day is having on future days. Sometimes yes its great to see those massive declutter projects with the dramatic before and afters. I do enjoy them myself to watch and to do. But as you’ll all have seen in my videos with ‘the dude’ in toe its hard to dedicated that amount of time and energy into such a project. These 5 minute decluttering sessions are working out great for me. I’m surprised and thrilled at the difference in each area of my home and amazed at the shear volume of stuff I have decluttered in just 10 days! We’re about 1/3 through and I can honestly so this has been a great investment of my time.

What bonus effects are you noticing about your decluttering? Let me know in the comments below!

See you all tomorrow!!

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