Today has been a day! I honestly didn’t think I would get this all. Today I did a thing. I locked the [only] set of car keys in the boot. It was a real low moment in the day. The AA couldn’t free them and then we’d to hand over €100 for a very skilled man to open the car down and shimmy through the car and all the carp to fish the keys out of the boot using an umbrella. I didn’t want to more to live under a rock today. Thankfully that is now all over and done with, the keys are liberated, I’m €100 poorer BUT I recorded the video and MUST importantly my bags, the bags I thought where fine, are decluttered!

I found WAY more than I thought to declutter today!

Well, what did you all think of that pile? Honestly, I was surprised! I’m also impressed at the sheer volume of stuff that nappy bag holds! That was a good buy! – Amazon for those asking and it was less than £50 – a complete bargain if you ask me… matches our travel system perfectly too!

I’m thrilled that my handbags are clear and organised too. I really thought they were ok before today, how wrong was I?!

Did anyone watch my old old video as to how bad my handbag used to be? The memory of that old video makes me laugh!

A BIG thing I’m realising now, as the days are passing and the piles of decluttering is mounting that you need to stay on top of the donation/ recycling side of things. This weekend I will be doing a BIG drop off to the charity shop and the local recycling centre… I DO NOT want this decluttered clutter to somehow find its way back into my presses/bags again!

Who is ready for tomorrow? I sure am! See you then!

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