I’m both nervous and excited for today’s challenge. I do not want to do today’s challenge but I definitely want the after. The ‘before’ is ok… but I know that it can be sooo much better. And I know in my heart of hearts there is a great deal of cosmetics I own that need to go in the bin. They are tragically WAY past their best before date.

Even though the #clutterfreein5 challenge is about decluttering in 5 minutes per day, as soon as I saw this on the list of things to be decluttered in the month of August I knew I would spend longer. That I would need to spend longer on this category to actually get it done and benefit from a deep declutter. I even surprised myself by the lengths I go to in this video… you’ll have to watch to the very end to see the full extent of my shameful bin pile.

Watch to the very very end to see my shameful bin pile.

Yes this video did go on longer than even I expected. And after I turned off the camera for a second time I did go back and declutter some hair stuff that was also in that press too. I couldn’t just leave it all there when everything else was so decluttered!

For those who saw the hardcore travel products declutter – this is for you…

This is what I ended with when I decided to be ruthless and just bin anything that wouldn’t get used before my next trip… if I’m truly honest with you all, most of it was already out of date when I really thought about it. Some were years old and some I’d bought when I was in hospital in 2018 pregnant on Sophia and some from last year with Indiana James.

This is what I’m left with…

This was a mammoth category for me. I am really glad I did it though. It feels great to be rid of it, but I am ashamed at the volume of items I did throw out. I’ll be honest and say I did not buy all of them. During my career as a Wedding Planner I was fortune to be sent a great deal of items by various PR Companies and Cosmetic Brands and I attended multiple events, conferences, award shows and always left with a heft goodie bag. But the excess of what I decluttered today has really made me think of what I need, how much I need and what’s realistic for any one person to use before it expires. I am definitely going to be more cautious and controlled about what I bring back into my cosmetic drawers and baskets in the future!

Until tomorrow!

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