I’m still riding the height of yesterdays major delcuttering success! If you haven’t seen the mammoth [shameful] amount cosmetics I decluttered yesterday check it out here! Today, buoyed on by yesterdays success I am excited for the end result of today. I’ve realised I don’t necessarily like decluttering… but I do love the end result!

Today the goal is to reorganise so the cleaning products have better and quicker access and to downsize them as well so that they will fit into the new kitchen with ease!

I love under my kitchen sink now!

I am not ashamed to say that good organisation makes me happy. In the words of Marie Kondo it #sparksjoy. Opening a door or press and being able to see and easily access all the contents is the way to live! While I don’t ever think I would be a true minimalist I am definitely finding myself drawn to the more minimalist life.

While I don’t love every aspect of this process I do love the result and that is what keeps my focused and determined to complete each day. That and the sheer joy I get from the result is worth a little decluttering discomfort!

See you all tomorrow for the mass exodus!

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