Today is the day its all going! For 13 days I have been creating piles and loading bags and boxes full off all sorts of items I have been decluttering each day. Some items are long gone in the bin, but mostly they’ve been grouped around the house waiting for today! Today is the exit strategy and an exit strategy is VERY important when you’re doing any sort of decluttering. If you don’t have a plan as to how and when your piles are leaving the house they never will! Trust me, I’ve struggled with this in the past.

It seems obvious that once you start to declutter, clean out or tidy up an area or you life that there would be things to discard, relocate, recycle or re-purpose. Honestly, this wasn’t always obvious to me – especially when I was doing the Kon Mari Method – I talk about it as a major downside in an old video.

Look at all I’m getting rid of…

Before I got shot by the excess police I just want to point out that the majority of what I’ve decluttered from my house these past 2 weeks has either been recycled, donated or given a new home. While I did have to bin a shameful amount of out-of-date cosmetics they were out-of-date before I begin this process and so were never going to be used [as intended]. I’ve since taken stock of the number of cosmetics I do actually need and use and will do better. But when it comes to everything else I have no guilt! It’s all gone on to better places.

Its important to always have a plan for clutter to leave your home.

I knew Laura had built-in ‘Free Days’ for you to use as you pleased. I also knew her advice was to [potentially] use these Free Days as your ‘get rid days’ – its a bonus of being her BBF. Regardless, if you’re new to decluttering, I think you always fail, its most likely because you don’t have an exit strategy for your clutter. MAKE ONE RIGHT NOW! Even if that exit can’t occur for another month, mark your calendar and work towards it. AND most importantly keep that date like it was any other majorly important meeting you’ve to attend, because trust me it is. The physiological and mental benefit you will get from ‘being free’ of your clutter is amazing!

Sometimes you do have to try again…

Those who watched my video to the end will see that we didn’t get to drop everything off at the recycling centre due to the queue. I will drop it off in the next week, that is a promise I have made to myself.

Until tomorrow!

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