Full disclosure on this one, 9 years ago I sorted my linen closet out. Nine years ago my linen closet looked like a mini version of hoarders. I am now anally retentive about what goes in there. I will not allow James to put things away because he doesn’t do them to my standards. Today, to you, my linen closet looks good. And i know compared to what it was, it looks great, but there is a whole box in there that I’ve no idea whats inside!

This really was a 5 minute declutter!

I am very pleased i have to say. The growing clutter pile I’ve mixed feelings about though as we only just ‘got rid’ at the weekend but i suppose this is par for the course with decluttering and moving! It will gets worse before it gets better!! Now i really, really want those shelves I talk about in the video – right now!!

I can’t wait for the move to be over!!

See you all tomorrow!

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