I want you to ask yourself a serious question right now: How many pens can you use in your lifetime?

Really let that sit in your mind. Now walk around your house and collect up all the pens from drawers, bags, the back of the sofa, under the bed and all the other random places they end up. How many do you have?Its crazy isn’t it… I bed you definitely have more than 50… possibly even over 100 if you’ve ever mistakenly bought a box.

Today I decluttered 1 area, a small press area in my office and there were over 100 pens [in just one area!] Many are left over from when my offices was a functioning company with staff and so in seemed [ at the time] necessary to have boxes of pens.

Those pens, as well as 2 large boxes of envelopes, several unopened post-its and note cards and a few staplers are all boxed up ready to go to my brother’s office, a charity, who are very gratefully to receive anything they can use!

Does office stationary multiple itself? See what I took out of one area of my office!

The big key question I focused on today was, do I actually need this many… will I actually get around to using ALL of them AND do I actually like using them? I like the write with a specific pen and so many of the pens in my office are redundant because they do not meet my special requirements! Today was another super quick one for me, but great results and another donation box full of stuff off to be used elsewhere!

I also feel I have my decluttering mojo back which is lovely!

See you all tomorrow!

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