I’m sorry, there was no official Day 19 of the #ClutterFreein5. There would have been but the footage disappeared! I did complete hobbies and I was very pleased with the space I created and how I managed to downsize. Alas, I can’t show you the before which makes the after a little meaningless. The most frustrating part of the loss is that yesterday, day 19 was the first day I actually recorded myself ‘doing’ the decluttering! Trying something new did not go my way! At least not yesterday.

Today is officially collections. I have two collections of sorts – cook books and vintage perfume bottles – neither of which need decluttering. 1. Because I did ‘do’ cook books earlier in the month during reading material and 2. I have 10 vintage perfume bottles and I love each one. They’re all staying and so, in order to produce some content for yesterday and today I’ve gone with a ‘collective’ approach… in so far as I’m going to declutter my office – almost as a whole… because despite tackling smaller areas of it over the last week or so, its still largely a mess and secondly because I plan to make it the first room that gets packed up – this weekend! Eek!

Today I record the decluttering process.

In today’s video you will see that I record some of the decluttering process. Its a new take of videos for me. Its the first time I’ve seen myself in full length in a video since losing the weight and its my first time to edit a video in this way… so today had loads of firsts!

Decluttering the office was a great success. I removed for donation or recycling many things that I am not or will not use and make loads of space. I feel overall the room works better for James and I. The things that are in the office are the ones that need to be there and everything has a home and is grouped with related items. It does surprise me how much fits in the smallest room in the house and how much time we spend here.

Even though we’re moving out in less than a month, as I started to put the room back together again I was making notes of a few things I want to buy for the space to finish it off! I don’t think I ever stop! But sshh don’t tell James there is a shopping spree afoot!

Until tomorrow!

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