We all have about a million photos on our phones, laptops and devices. I would say, like me, about 90% of those photos are replicates of the 10% from every imaginable angle and lighting option. Don’t even get me started on filter options!! I have been making a big effort this year to take more photos. Indiana James’ arrival and my weight loss has made me enjoy ‘taking a photo’ more and more… which mean my average million has easily doubled!

Today I decluttered over 1000 photos!

Its a massive declutter for me, making my combined total of items touching well into the 2000 figure and beyond! That’s a huge amount of clutter gone from my home and life in just 21 days!! What is your figure at? What have you gotten rid of in that time?

While it was hard for you all to see everything I decluttered digitally today the numbers add up daily for me and while some days I don’t have motivation or steam to move forward with the clutter-free challenge I am always glad that I do!!

Until tomorrow!

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