Even if everything in your house has home and even with the best will in the world there will be times in your day, week or month when you don’t get to put everything back where it goes. And so, while everything has a place to go, you’ll also have places in your home [or you should have places in your home, to make life easier on you, that collect items until you or someone in the family, has time to put them a way properly. Lets call these collection zones ‘hot-spots’. Like I’m sure many homes do, either purposefully or inadvertently my home has a number of these.

In my home I’ve created them. Given them purpose and specific function which validates them and makes the whole tidying purpose much easier on you and everyone else you live with. Today, because I didn’t have a need to do any more digital decluttering – which was the official #clutterfreein5 topic I’ve ‘swapped’ this to visual decluttering of these hot-spots – which in ways, when you thing about it – perform many the same function of tiles on your laptop home screen. You can access and store these items in their ‘hot-stop’ but they’re not its real home – do you get my very tenuous link?

Decluttering the hot-spots in my house.

The thing with hot-spots are they are often always cluttered. Or at least the majority of the time. And so chose their location and function wisely. They can and will become eyesores in the home and so the best way to tackle them is to have a routine to clear them out so they don’t become overwhelming. I try to empty mine at least twice a week… and sometimes daily if things are really bad!

Clutter and mess are inevitable in a home, even if you live alone. No-one can run on full efficiency 100% of the time. Give yourself the grace of these ‘off’ days, weeks, or months and put in place little practices like designed purposeful hot-spots… but also have the practice of regularly clearing them out!

See you all tomorrow!

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