Decluttering digital clutter doesn’t seem like fun. in fact it often seems overly complex, boring and annoying and so we often put it off because its not the same as physical clutter. BUT it can have just as negative an effect on us.

I don’t have extensive lists of people I follow, or channels I subscribe to or groups I’m a member of, I keep them all quite curated, but even I have ones I could cut lose. I’ve known this for awhile… I’ve left them in their respective lists because honest its seemed [without really looking] to be too much work to cull the list. Well now I know its not! In fact IG and YouTube make its very quick and simple and while Facebook Groups are ‘easy’ to leave its a little more of a process to do a deep declutter at one time.

Today I show you how easy it is to unfollow people on IG, unsubscribe on YT and leave a Facebook Group!

Did you all think it was that easy? Even I was surprised at the speed of which you can fly through IG and YT accounts! My feeds feel lighter, fresher and filled with content I want to consume. It does make my phone a much prettier place… which I am all about!!

How many accounts and channels did you delete?

Until tomorrow!

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