I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet! So sorry I’ve been MIA. Life has become increasingly overwhelming and stressful. The workload the #clutterfreein5 challenge creates in recording/ editing/ uploading and writing coupled with the move, the renovation and looking after Indiana has been too much for me. I’m a ball of stress and I’m not in damage limitation mode and simplifying my life as much as possible.

I explain more and what is going to happen to the remaining parts of the declutter challenge in my video, but for now I’ve put a big old pause button on that project to free up my time and sanity! I’ve also hired movers to do all the work and packing and feel SO much better.

I spent the time I should have used to film and edit and produce the declutter content on designing and pricing my kitchen so that I can get a better handle on our reno budget and its 95% there and I’m thrilled with that work. It was the best way, for that time to be spent right now. Our contractor is back from holidays this week and so I feel by the weeks end, hopefully, the last large bits will be in place and scheduled.

Sometimes its about removing everything that isn’t beneficial right now.

My stress levels are returning to non-existent and I feel I can breath again. Its all about making the right choices for you right now and postponing things you still want to do, but that can be achieved later.

SO yes, for now I have decluttered the decluttering challenge… the irony is not lost on me! For those wondering what’s going to be happening in the next weeks and months do check out the video above where I share the exciting content I have planned and am already producing!

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