I’m Bláithín, an Irish gal with an American twang [so I’m told] living in Dublin. My Irish name, when translated to English, means Little Flower. I’m in my 30’s, married and live in a quiet coastal town with my darling hubby, James, adorable Son Indiana James and our 3 furbabies; Ivory Luna, Ferdinand Magellan & Sasha Star.

I retired from my 14 year career as a Wedding Planner and Business Woman in 2017 to focus on starting a family. Just before my retirement, we got the shock of our lives to discover that I was pregnant, naturally, something that was never supposed to happen. Unfortunately our beautiful baby girl, Riley was born much too early and died shortly after birth. We were very fortunate to get pregnant again just three months later. Our darling Sophia was born at 23 weeks day 3 days and lived for 1 month. Because of the wonderful team and fabulous Prof. Sean Daly in the Coombe, after placing a transabdominal cerclage in November 2018 we welcomed our beautiful son, Indiana James on October 7th, 2019.

If I was to put a label on what I’m doing now, I’m a full-time mum who is an Author & Lifestyle Enthusiast and loving it!

I’m working on my third book, a [read: fabulous] entertaining book. It’s a passion project and I have notions that it will be in every book shop and every home in the country, nigh the world!…Martha Stewart I’m coming for your crown! This book is called Starlight Suppers and is going to be a delish coffee table book on how to throw dinner parties. But with a newborn, this will probably take me longer to achieve!

In this book, I’m going to talk you through the basics, the practicalities, the fun and the planning of how to throw numerous enjoyable dinner parties over the year. I am going to cover topics like who to invite, to how to create an entertaining pantry, to setting the best atmosphere and how to be the perfect host/hostess. In the book I’m going to share with you 12 Themed Dinner Party Ideas – sharing everything with you from the menu, scents, music and dinner party games that I use and much more.

Through this blog and my YouTube channel, I will share little tasters of what you can expect in the book and there are going to be some pretty cool ‘added extras’ for those on my pre-order mailing list so be sure to sign up! As well as fun videos on projects on working on the house, cleaning tips and how-tos, meal plan ideas and focus a little on my weight loss journey – my big goal for 2020!!

[If you weren’t convinced already] Reasons to convince you I’m interesting and you should regularly read my blog:

1.      I am a twin; my sibling did not survive the pregnancy.

2.      I successfully potty trained and gave up my dummy at 3 years. #winning

3.      I had an imaginary dog, called dog, as a child [I now have a real dog, a Maltese called Sasha Star]#dreamsdocometrue

4.      When I was 5 I put my baby brother in the fireplace so that Santa would take him back, he did not; I was disgusted. Thankfully I got over the disgust and now love my brother.

5.      I started learning music at 5 and soon [read: after much blood, sweat and tears] became a concert flutist. As a child and teenager I played for many important people in big fancy buildings.

6.      I turned down the opportunity to be Alice in Wonderland in a movie to go to a friend’s birthday party. #regrets

7.      I am dyslexic. #doesnotholdmeback

8.      I have PCOS

9.      I became an Air Hostess at 18, on my first day on the job I got on the wrong plane, for the wrong airline and started counting passengers. #morto

10.   Because of a square inch of land I own in Scotland you can officially call my Lady Bláithín.

11.   I was an Interior Designer before I became a Wedding Planner.

12.   I’ve been proposed to 7 times. I said yes twice and I’ve been married once to the same wonderful man for 12 years and counting.

13.   I am an author and have 2 published books. [And am writing my third]

14.   I’ve planned 1000’s of weddings, which include Royal and Celebrity weddings.

15.   I am the daughter of a Knight & Dame.

16.   I was born with a tumor that I had removed 33 years later.

17.   I was infertile for 35 years.

18.   I have 2 daughters in heaven, Riley & Sophia.

19.   My biggest fears in life are; the dentist, spiders and that my husband will die before me.

20.   I plan to run a bookstore and be the town’s official cat lady in my twilight years; my goal is 50 cats.