I’ve had this little seed blossoming in my soul; to be a better person. I would like to think I am good and nice, but I also have faults, many many flaws. 2020 has seen so much good and so so much bad in its brief 6 month existence. The official midway point of 2020 is July 2nd and this seems an appropriate day to start and share my #LITECHANGE project.

The #LITECHANGE Project is a daily prompt and reminder to me, and anyone who wants to follow, grow, learn and share, of things I can do to make my life, my communities, and the world a little better through ‘lite changes’.

What is The #LITECHANGE Project

And that really is the foundation of the #LITECHANGE project. To help someone, heal, learn, grow; to bring a smile to their face, a kind word to their ear or hope to their heart. #LITECHANGE is about making daily changes in the world, my/your world, that are simple to do but have a positive impact on me/you and those around us.

There are many issues, in our personal worlds and the wider ones we share with each other. It can be hard to know how to positively contribute to help resolve or lessen these issues and so many of us, me included do nothing. I want to change that about myself and I hope in doing so, it will inspire and help others to do the same. I don’t have the answers, right now, as to what that will be entirely; hence The #LITECHANGE Project. This isn’t about me educating the world on what to do, but me learning, discovering and educating myself on what to do and hoping that others might find this useful too.

Every day for the month of July, starting on the 2nd, I will be sharing a different daily prompt through my social media platforms. I am hoping that anyone who these interest, that they will share them with their communities and that collectively, by doing the daily prompts we will all begin to make our lives and those of our communities a little better, a little kinder, and wiser. I hope through #LIFECHANGE to create a ripple that will have a need and want to grow beyond July into much more.

I hope, through #LITECHANGE, I can help myself and someone else.

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