Hello again; I have some news!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written or created any content, it has been a forced break of sorts. Those of you who have read or watched my post/video on my goals for 2019 will know that my top goal for the year was to try

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What an actual wedding budget looks like.

There are many many options when it comes to planning a wedding. Some of them you will need, others you will want and some you simply can not afford. Every couple’s needs and wants are different. As are their priorities. I’ve talked before about how to create

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How do you decide on a wedding budget?

Getting married and planning a wedding can be and in many eyes should be, an enjoyable fun experience. On the flip side paying for a wedding is neither enjoyable or fun! Before we even think wedding budget, ask yourself one question: [It’s not a pleasant question, but an important

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