5 Ways you can make your wedding different from the rest!

Let’s be honest, most weddings you attend eventually mish into one memory of a nice ceremony, pretty dresses, mounds of food and sore feet from dancing the night away. So how can you make your wedding truly different? 1. Shake up the wedding day formula.  Weddings have

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8 Rules for Hosting a Dinner Party

For those of you who read my post ‘Getting over a crap 2018 and staying positive for 2019’ you’ll know that I’m writing another book and you’ll also know that I am going to be sharing tasters of this book with you here on my blog and

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The 26 Most Important Areas To Clean In Your Home After Sickness!

Because some many people have been, or are sick. And seem to be getting repeat visits from the lovely colds and flus that are going around I thought it would be helpful to share with you all the 26 things I do to clean and disinfect the

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