In order to save time and money and because we’ve chosen to stay a one-car family [for now] I’ve started to bulk-buy a number of items. These are regularly used, tried & true items that we use all the time. It’s made a big difference to me, as I’d often have to go to several stores in order to buy everything. Time is so precious, especially since having Indiana James and where I can make my life a little easier and bills a little lighter – well I’m all for that!

Here’s a list of my regularly bought items. As you’ll see some packs last up to 6 months and other items like nappies and pet food I order monthly. These items are all currently offered on Prime, of which we have… definitely an Amazon extra you should consider; especially if you’re going to be ordering and using the online retail site as much as I do!

Learn all about Amazon Prime here and their 30-day FREE trial if you are interested.

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